Title: Main Theme (Opening) Artist: 川井憲次 119 plays


I had to watch this film for my Japanese Literature class, and while I didn’t particularly enjoy the melancholic feel of the film, I found the music to be stunning. So here’s the main theme. 

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Happy birthday sojuice(Ahmersan)!! Your character is very fun to draw ;o;

yay~ fullbody colored sketch of this oc design. He’s a kid general for an army of monsters. No name for him yet =/

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The complete Hermes/Hermès series.

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Title: nc17 Artist: Yoko Kanno 838 plays

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TIme flies by too fast.

Thank you for the 300+ watches!

It’s weird cuz I’m barely active.


quick sketch of an OC that comes along with that witch doctor character I did before and Vixon. I think there’s gonna be about 2 more chars.

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Patrick Blanc | French | Botanist | Superstar

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yesssssss classes are over!!

Im free!!!!!!!

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I wonder if I will ever upload a finished drawing again.

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pumping out commissions.

school is almost over OTL….


Me Suk Lee

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Some self learning studies.

jesus christ. thanks for all the notes x_x


Geoffrey Ernault.