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Tokyo Ghoul Full OST

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Longish post, but I finally finished something for my OCs lol. I wanted to start this project a long time ago, but never got to complete this.

full pic: http://kidcurious.deviantart.com/art/Outlawed-Prototype-477748470

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Alexandre Cabanel “Fallen Angel” detail.

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It feels like I’ve only woken up from a long, long comatose state and through the time that’s passed I have unconsciously become a grown up. Everything in the past has just been dissected out and thrown away and the me right now is so confused and unwilling. Life seized to exist for me starting at the age of 10 and now I’m expected to act like a normal adult or even a normal person after such an extended blackout. I’m full of hostility and regret after realizing that I’ve missed the time a kid could be a kid, but I had decided to shut myself down instead. But I am here now, continuing where I left off at 10 and not knowing how to act and feel as I find myself stranded in society with a load of bullshit that harbored inside of me when I was away. I’m still so begrudgingly dependent and childish yet at the same time so indulged into the menacing side of reality that I can’t find a balance that could keep me being hopeful and human-like. I just hope that this abundant amount of hostility could somehow transfer into content whenever I think of the tomorrows.

icephoenix said: Makise Kurisu from steins;gate please :)

-sobs- I cant draw cute girls.

divetus answered: Maybe Haiykuu/Yowamushi Pedal/Tokyo Ghoul!

hasuyawwn answered: something baccano * V*

thank you so much for suggesting Baccano hasu LOL

seitoro answered: flcl or gurren lagann?!


will continue tomorrow.

nilsace said: If you’ve heard about zankyou no terror, then could you do Twelve ( yes there is a character called Twelve. I’m not kidding :D )

Burst Sketch Requests

Hey guys!! I’m opening sketch requests (Idk if I’ve even done this before) for a few hours. So if there’s anything you guys want to see from me, feel free to request! *Also if in case there are too many request, I will choose by random.

-closed thanks guys


旅立ちの空 by Rella // Odaiba Day ‘14

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done, done and so done. Another Kanna and Hayato commission.

finished pic: here

Title: Main Theme (Opening) Artist: 川井憲次 219 plays


I had to watch this film for my Japanese Literature class, and while I didn’t particularly enjoy the melancholic feel of the film, I found the music to be stunning. So here’s the main theme. 

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